July 08, 2002
first socks

My first sock. It is far from perfect, but it's not so bad and I'm pretty excited that I finished it and that it looks like, you know, a sock. I'll start the second one tomorrow and hopefully it will go faster than the first.

Details, details. It is a tube sock, a free pattern from The Frugal Knitting Haus. It was knitted on size 5 double pointed needles with Jaeger Matchmaker merino wool, dk weight. The color is pretty true, a sort of mild teal blue. I wish it were longer, but I couldn't really tell how it was going to fit until it was finished.

The sock
The sock on my foot

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still more dishcloths

I made this dish cloth for Karen, who won the "Name Rebecca's Doll" contest. It was my first round one! I think it looks like the sun.

Another round one. It wasn't as fast to knit as the one above and not as much fun. And maybe it didn't even turn out as nicely. Or maybe I'm just irritated because I can't sew and the seam on this one came out crappy.

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Melissa's little bag

This little handbag was knitted with really great yarn, Classic Elite Waterspun, beautiful felted Merino wool. I really enjoyed knitting with it. It's very soft and sort of fuzzy looking because it's felted.

The pattern was really simple, from the Knitting for Dummies book. It was supposed to be knitted all in one color, all in garter stitch. I sort of made my own up as I went along. The front is creamy white, strips of stockinette and garter stitches. The back is garter stitch in a pretty sage green. The flap is sort of violet, seed stitch. The strap is the same violet, just stockinette that curled naturally to make a sort of tube-like string thingy. Ed picked out the little purple mouse button.

Let me just say that the individual pieces looked pretty good. I really only got into trouble with the sewing part.

I hate sewing.

The bag, closer view, the button, the back.

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more dish cloths

And the second set:

one, two, three, four, five, six

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dish cloths

These are the first dishcloths I made:

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

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Ed's hat

Ed in his hat

I knitted this hat for Ed for his birthday. It's loosely based on a pattern from Knitting for Dummies. The hat is knitted flat and then there are several variations for finishing it, none of which I actually did. There are many mistakes knitted into this hat, but it doesn't look so bad if you don't examine it closely. Heh. It's made of worsted Wool-Ease, stripes of navy and a variegated called "Pines." I knitted a combination of stockinette and garter to further the stripey theme. He liked it and it fits and it will be warm when cool weather comes around again, so I guess those are the most important things. Well, and I learned a lot from this experience. Perhaps the main thing I learned is that I will tire of a project quickly if I have a serious time shortage to deal with. Must start projects far, far in advance. Maybe I'll take a photo of just the hat and put it up. Maybe.

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The Wombat

I started knitting a wombat (what else?) from The World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny. I'm using Red Heart acrylic yarn in "Gem," a brightly-colored variegated yarn that was given to me. I have most of the body knitted so far, but I've gotten to the head and it involves a lot of counting and baby + counting stitches = a mess, so it will have to wait a little bit. But here it is so far (well, I've knitted a bit more than this, but it doesn't really look much different):

first photo

Okay here it is on March 17. The body is finished and just needs to be stitched and stuffed. Then I need to make a nose, ears, legs and tail, then stuff and attach them. The rest of it should be much easier and go much faster than the body. I did have one nearly-major meltdown today. I accidently knitted on a purl row and it was really a bummer pulling the stitches out. I had no idea how to do it without pulling the whole damn thing apart. Obviously, I figured it out. It's about ten inches long, by the way, if you flatten out the curve of the head.

Next photo

The pieces of the wombat are all knitted. I need to sew and stuff and assemble it and then it will be very funky!

Pieces all knitted

Wombat update, 4/12/02: the latest is that I'm giving the wombat away. Someone else will be stitching and stuffing and keeping it! Hopefully I will have photos, though.

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Ed's scarf

This is my first-ever "real" project. The pattern is from The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knitting & Crocheting and it's pretty easy (except all the counting gets a bit old). Ed said he would like a scarf, so I let him pick out the yarn, a wool/acrylic blend. I'm knitting it on size 9 needles.

In progress
So very long!

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Ed's blanket

Ed's colorful blanket

I made this blanket for Ed. It was crocheted from a bunch of different acrylic yarns that Ed chose. He wanted a colorful blanket and here it is. It was insane to work with all the different colors. I just double-crocheted row after row after row until it was the size he wanted (or, at least until I was totally sick of making the blanket).

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Rebecca's blanket

Another blanket I crocheted while I was pregnant. It's Lion Brand Homespun. I really should learn to read a crochet pattern because this blanket looks terrible. Oh well, it's soft and Rebecca seems to like it, so I guess that's what counts, right?

Rebecca and her blanket
another photo
and another

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the pregnancy blanket

the blanket

I made this blanket while I was pregnant. It was crocheted without a pattern with Lion Brand Homespun. The yarn is pretty nice, very soft and good to work with. It's pretty delicate and sensitive to snagging, though, and my cats have really made a mess of it in a couple of small places.

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