July 08, 2002
first socks

My first sock. It is far from perfect, but it's not so bad and I'm pretty excited that I finished it and that it looks like, you know, a sock. I'll start the second one tomorrow and hopefully it will go faster than the first.

Details, details. It is a tube sock, a free pattern from The Frugal Knitting Haus. It was knitted on size 5 double pointed needles with Jaeger Matchmaker merino wool, dk weight. The color is pretty true, a sort of mild teal blue. I wish it were longer, but I couldn't really tell how it was going to fit until it was finished.

The sock
The sock on my foot

Posted by Aimee at July 08, 2002 04:58 PM

Is it comfortable? I saw that pattern, wondered if it was worth trying. The sock looks great!!

Posted by: say-say on July 9, 2002 11:09 AM

The socks are fine, but I should have made them longer. It's a really easy pattern!

Posted by: Aimee on July 9, 2002 11:10 AM

I'll have to give it a try. I'm all up for easy patterns, honey.

Posted by: say-say on July 10, 2002 08:17 AM
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